Pulsar 2000 Line Tracer


Pulsar 2000 line tracer is designed primarily to locate metallic pipes. The Pulsar 2000 is a directional line tracer. Connect the Pulsars powerful and unique transmitter to your target pipe and locate only that pipe Locating can be accomplished under floors in walls and in ceilings. The Pulsar 2000 does not require grounding.

Leak detection personnel. The Pulsar 2000 Is a must have locator Now you can quickly identify the pipe location, thereby reducing the search area of the leak.

You can also find our demonstration video on YouTube by searching for Pulsar 2000.

We have been using the Pulsar 2000 along with the XL2 fluid detector and Geophones since January 1989 in our leak locating business. Our leak locates are accurate 95% of the time, but I can honestly say, the line we trace is always there. Our equipment is user-friendly and requires very little training, as you will see on the video. Unfortunately, the XL2 fluid detector is no longer being manufactured. Purchase the Pulsar 2000 line tracer and Geophones, and start locating leaks immediately.

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