It's a jumble out there.

Tracing that line beneath the foundation is not easy. Or is it? The Pulsar 2000 uses new technology to locate sub-structural water pipes, and owning it is really easy.

We have a secret. For  years now, a Dallas leak and line locator has had the definitive competitive edge when it came to locating water lines beneath concrete foundations. We call it the Pulsar 2000. The Pulsar 2000 uses commonsense technology to conduct specific foundation line tracings without the need for grounding or guesswork. Similar, more expensive tracing systems energize the entire network of water pipes beneath the structure, which makes finding the faulty line a time-consuming and difficult task. The Pulsar 2000’s self-contained, rechargeable system enables you to trace only one line, the line you need, without trial and error. This translates into your time and money saved, more clients for your business and a skyrocketing profit margin. Up until now, the Pulsar 2000 has been our little secret. Now it can be yours too.

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